Four Types of Trampoline Games

The trampoline is a popular toy for kids of all ages. We normally see this structure set up in amusement parks and malls where kids could jump around on it. Aside from the usual jumping that the trampoline can let you enjoy, there are actual games that can be played out of the trampoline. Here are the 4 most common games played on the

Trampoline For Home

  1. Poison Balls

You would have to need some balls the size of a regular baseball for this game. Divide the group into two then let them stand on the opposite ends of the trampoline. Let them jump up and down until they develop momentum before you toss the balls in the center of the trampoline. The balls would be bouncing in different directions and once the ball hits a player then he or she is considered poisoned and is then out of the game. The game goes on until only one team survives the game.

  1. Tag, You’re It

This game is much like the regular tag game wherein the “It” will chase down other players to tag them and the next player tagged will become the new “It”. The only variation in the trampoline version is that the players are required to jump around instead of run. There are other versions of this game wherein the ”It” is required to tag all of the players before a new “It” is chosen.

  1. Bum Wars

There should be background music when playing this game and participants are required to jump around the trampoline while the music is playing. Once the music stops, players must drop down to the mat bums first then bounce back in the air and land on their feet. There will be no extra bounce or extra landing that means the player with the most excellence balance wins the game.

  1. Camp Trampoline

Just as the name suggests, the trampoline will serve as the tent of the camp but you just have to use your creativity to design the trampoline in order to make it look more believable for the kids. Take advantage of mattresses and blankets to provide covers for the toddler trampoline and make it seem like a real tent. The kids can easily come up with numerous games out of the simple camp trampoline game.

For more games on the trampoline, visit for more access on articles and resources about trampolines.

Hard Water: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to everything you need to know about hard water, there is a single site which would help you effectively know more about water, and here is more info about it. This is one of the most comprehensive sites which is dedicated to information about water softeners, everything and anything you have to know about these. This information includes statistics in hard water use, the percentage of households who still make use of it in America, the process, and the chemistry involved through which it is softened, and what the disadvantages of making use of hard water are.  The site also shows the best kinds of water softening machines which you could avail of for your homes, and also where you could possibly buy these machines.


A lot of consumers agree, that while there may be people who love the taste of hard water, and that in terms of what it can do for our health, as calcium and magnesium minerals which are found in hard water are good for us, as calcium helps build strong bones, the major disadvantages of it. However, involve the life of our conduits and plumbing, and how difficult getting to wash clothes, dishes, or even yourself is, as soap does not lather really well when you make use of hard water.

The Fact About Hard Water states that as much as 85% of the homes in the United States alone have access to hard water, and are using it regularly. Moreover, the site also states that there are several machines which could be installed on your pipes, just before it reaches the faucet, to make sure that water which comes out of these faucets are free from the minerals.

There are several means through which hard water could damage household items, and these are all stated on This includes tarnishing or dishes, the fading of the original colour of shirts, potential hair loss if used to wash the hair, failure of electrical appliances, and many, many more. You can read more info on Fleck water softeners since that is the leading water softener system.

Where to Have Them?

The solution to having hard water is not as difficult and drastic as having to move to another place. As a matter of fact, all that has to be done is to install the things which are necessary. All of these could be bought on Amazon, and even has a list on which water softening systems are highly preferred among those who have already purchased.

Best Spying App to Watch Over Your Kids

Nowadays there are lots of modern products that are used to develop the standard of living. Many of the products are built to ease our existence, but they do not do several things that are essential for a mother or father. Every parent likes its young children and wants to always keep a close eye on their activity without them realizing that. The newest cell phone deals available offer such features. So, you should think about choosing a whole new cell phone just for the chance to control your kids.

PhoneSheriff mobile monitoring function is new available on the market and they will change the way parents verify their kids. These application can be employed on the phone of your kid and you will achieve a lot of control over the routines that you kid makes with its cell phone. This characteristic is good for teens mostly.


Here are a few of the most important ways that you need to protect your child when they’re online. Remember, this isn’t everything and with new technologies as well as new methods to meet others online happening each day, still have to monitor other areas as well.

– Chatting: Chat rooms are a common thing online. There are those chat rooms set up for children as young as ten to talk about games and school. Your parental controls should allow for some protection from chat rooms that are not approved by you or aren’t kid safe areas.

– Email: Email addresses can simply be obtained. It only takes the right words in an e-mail’s subject line to get your child to open on the email and get into trouble. Parental controls can limit who can send email to your child.

– The Web: The Web browsing abilities that your child has are also important. Parental controls must protect your child from visiting websites that are not appropriate or ones that you specifically block.

– Instant Messaging or IM’s: Probably the most common ways to chat online today is through instant messaging. It’s private and simple to use. Parental controls can help block unwanted individuals from communicating with your child.

All these parental controls can be adjusted to suit your child’s needs, age and your preferences. Consider limiting all of the options to fit your child. When you implement these parental controls, you easily protect your child when they’re doing the things they would like to do online.

PhoneSheriff Features

How Does PhoneSheriff Function?

This mobile phone spyware can’t run imperceptibly on any gadget, so it will be evident to your children that you’re observing them on the off chance that you utilize this item. The application is unfathomably exhaustive in its following and reporting limit. All movement is separated into particular classes, and it doesn’t keep down on points of interest, indicating you applications or writings, as well as data, for example, when your kid downloaded or got them. You can decide on these logs to be sent to your email for your records. Amid our testing, the product was every so often somewhat lazy in stacking movement after it happened on the gadget, however it showed up decently fast and didn’t abandon us holding up too long.

It additionally has an assortment of remote capacities, giving you control over the gadget even without having physical access to it. The product permits you to remotely bolt or wipe the gadget, a component that proves to be useful if your tyke is utilizing the gadget with wrong expectations or on the off chance that it is lost.


Whether you have a smoldering inquiry or a basic concern, you can contact the client administration agents for PhoneSheriff’s designer, Retina-X Studios, by means of email or live talk. In our testing, we discovered they rush to react, well disposed and willing to offer assistance. You can likewise look at a live demo, client guides and a FAQs area on the site. The site is pressed with data about every component and its advantages, enabling you with the learning you have to screen your youngsters viably.


· The action logs are instinctive and very point by point, and you can have them sent specifically to your own email address.


· It doesn’t have a choice to run imperceptibly on any objective gadget.



The thought of having the capacity to log pretty much every action and track each site went to, each application and each content has its allure, however be cautioned: It can transform into a storm of information in case you’re not cautious. A not exactly instinctive administrator board, complex establishment process and surefire way to deal with information will baffle a few clients. Still, PhoneSheriff reviews get so much right that it’s a strong decision among parental-control applications.

One Stop for Entertainment: Movie Box


Movie Box is the perfect platform for everyone who loves movies and TV shows as it offers over a hundred of latest streaming movies and shows. It is one of the most fabulous applications that provide generic entertainment to all its users. Apart from the latest movies and TV shows Movie Box also provides us information with the new releases, reviews of the latest movies and also allows access to watch the trailers of the upcoming movies. The specialty of this application is that it does not constrain itself to a single category or single genre of movies and shows but offers movies of various different categories and concentrates on more generic entertainment than confined fixed choice of entertainment.


Generic Entertainment:

The world consists of different people having different preferences. Some of them love comedy shows where as some might prefer romantic shows. Adding to this diversity, there are also people who would love to watch cartoons like SpongeBob Square pants, Pokémon, Dragon Ball and so on. To the world with such diverse people having different choices, satisfying their requirements of entertainment through a single development is what Movie Box has concentrated upon. This proves that this app is not only for adults or youngsters but also for the kids who enjoy cartoon and anime shows. Movie Box also consists of a separate genre for music which has all the latest Hollywood hits by Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber and much more. To all the people who are crazy about movies and music, isn’t it wonderful to enjoy all the shows and movies including music that you love without having to pay for them?

Movie Box app offers a complete entertainment package that any user will enjoy. Movie Box was initially developed for Android devices but later several other platforms began to implement and develop the app for devices like MacBook, PC. The app is like a comfort zone for all the users who can access a wide variety of videos and music and also be able to download them with no external software like torrents. There are many other apps that guarantee to provide such generic entertainment but none of those have ever competed with Movie Box. This shows that Movie Box developers have gone to a great extent to satisfy its users by providing genuine generic entertainment. It is not only about providing the videos and music but also being able to share with friends. The app allows users to use their choice of video quality which depends upon the device. It provides easy navigation options to quickly skim through the movies and shows and juggle among them to choose their favourite one. There is no requirement of logging in or registering to get access to the app, anyone who has downloaded it on their device is free to use it.


Categories like Movies, TV shows, News, Music, Trailers with subcategories or genres to choose from like Comedy, Adventure, Anime, Sci-Fi, Western, Romantic and much more offered by Movie Box shows the dedication towards fulfilling the user’s needs for generic entertainment. Without a doubt, one can say that Movie Box is just the one app for all the users to cherish their choice of entertainment.

Redmi for Redemption?

Xiaomi had previously come up with a bevy of products that appealed to the taste of the common Indian man, low on price and high on features, with a certain degree of reliability thrown in. However the all plastic build of their phones barring the Mi4 with a metal buffer around the sides, wasn’t something that everyone preferred. And in the relatively long hiatus that Xiaomi seemed to be in, new companies like LeTV tried to maximise their outreach, and quite effectively too. However, Xiaomi is back, and it’s back with a vengeance. It looks like that they have learn from their mistakes of the past, and have addressed all of it in their new release, the all new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.


The phone is available in two variants, as per the target markets, powered by either a Mediatek MT6795 Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 Helio X10 powered by a PowerVR G6200 GPU without microSD card slot, or a Qualcomm MSM8956 Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 & Dual-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 Snapdragon 650 powered by an Adreno 510 GPU with MicroSD card support. These variants have sub variants in terms of memory available, respectively 16 GB ROM with 2 GB RAM, and another variant at 32 GB ROM and 3 GB RAM. It is all powered by the 4000 mAh Lithium-Polymer non-removable battery which more than sufficient to last more than a day on medium to high usage.

As soon as you hold the phone, the first massive change you would notice would be the metal build of the phone. Going down a different path, Xiaomi has decided to impart a premium feel to this phone and that is obviously a good thing. On the left of the phone you would find the power button and the volume rockers, which are metallic as well and give a very good tactile feedback. On the top one would find the 3.5 mm headphone jack, a secondary microphone for noise cancellation and an IR blaster to let the consumer use the phone as a remote. The right of the phone houses the SIM tray which is essentially a hybrid SIM slot. Which translates to the use of either a micro SIM and a nano SIM or a micro SIM along with an external microSD card, which is a trade-off of some sorts, but it still allows for external memory cards up to 128 GB, which is a welcome feature nevertheless. The bottom houses the usual micro USB 2.0 port and the primary microphone pinhole. The front has a metal earpiece placed alongside the ambient light sensor, the 5 MP f/2.0 front facing fixed focus camera capable of recording 1080p videos, and the notification LED on the top. Followed by the 5.5” 1080p IPS LCD screen having 403 ppi pixel density, which makes up for about 72% of the body followed by the usual set of 3 backlit capacitive physical buttons. Flip it around, and at the back, you are greeted with a 16 MP, f/2.0 camera with phase detection autofocus above a dual-LED (dual tone) flash and the circular fingerprint scanner below them that is said to be able to recognize the fingerprint and unlock the phone in only 0.3 seconds. Going further below, we see the regular Mi branding, then the speaker grill followed by a plastic bump about which I’ll state later. The top and bottom are made out of plastic, which Xiaomi claims has been put to enhance network connectivity.

Switch it on, and the similar MIUI theme greets you with its bright icons and overlays. This handset comes preloaded with MIUI 7 that is running atop Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. I used the Showbox App to test videos of varying resolution and colour schemes, and all of them seemed to appear crisp and clear and I have no complaint with the viewing angles either. The bump below the speaker grill manages to keep the speakers a tad above the surface, making sure that the sound is not muffled. The camera performance was very good, however in conditions of low light, enough noise could be observed in the picture. Shutter speed is pretty responsive, and video quality above average. It has all the filters and effects seen on previous Mi devices. The fingerprint sensor was accurate and unlocked the phone in a jiffy every time. ShowBox APK also works great on the Redmi smartphone. Make sure to check this app out if you are a movie lover.

All in all, this phone outpaces many of the phones in its class by its aggressive pricing strategy, but would still be facing stiff competition from the likes of LeEco/LeTV Le1S and the CoolPad Note 3. Would the growing trust in Xiaomi lead it to glory? Or would the newfound adventurous nature of the young Indian buyers lead them to try the newcomers over this handset? Maybe only time can say.

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